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Raids and alliances wars

So me and the boys at OVD have been talkin...

Raids seem to be losing popularity. Bases are all weak. Mod don’t help that much. And it seem like we only raid when there is something in the store we want.

So how about this, make a nice blend of raids and alliances wars. Each alliance get a bot/mod free map. Then each person from the alliance is allowed to put down “X” amount of bots/mods and as a team we create our own alliance defense map. Once the map is custom made by the alliance, they can then start to fight in wars vs other alliances bases. Keep the raid chips as currency for winning. Or change it. Doesn’t matter. Make it an every other day event. 24hrs to defeat the randomly chosen base. Then a day off to re make the map as needed. You can put special items in the mix. Keep the raid store, as raid currency could be obtained by fighting in these wars. Then offer milestones rewards on a weekly basis based on points obtained. At the end of the war week give out rank rewards.

I’m sure this idea could use a bit of tweaking. But overall seems like a solid idea to bring in alliances wars(that isn’t like MCOC) and give new purpose to raiding bases.


  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 1,012
    Everyone has been clamoring for this for the past year now. No doubt about though that TFTF is sorely in need of another alliance-based game mode. I couldn't think of anything better than alliance vs. alliance competition either.

    They also need to release T2 mod sparks because yeah, raiding just isn't a challenge anymore and is a drudgery at this point; just another grind you have to do to get stuff that day by day you're questioning why you even need it because there's no new content to use it on other than the Spotlights, which are also easily beatable at this point (yes, even master).

    I wish they'd come out with a regular monthly gauntlet that follows Spotlight too. If they dropped the energy requirements for some of the difficulty levels of Spotlight, they could shorten it to 3 weeks of Spotlight and 1 week of Gauntlet.

    But yeah, they need to do something soon. You can only refresh rewards and AM maps so many times before people just get tired of the same old same old.
  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
    edited June 2018
    Yeah there can a AM like map for Alliance Wars,,, and leader will appoint Two OR Three Players to create Layout of bots.... Players will give access permission to their bot they want them to use... While those bots won't be useable in AMs but can be used anywhere else..

    A list of MODs will granted with combination of Max three MODs is allowed.. Each MOD can Used in only one lane in only one section with some Exceptions.
    There will some MiniBoses with MOD limit of four.
    Final boss will have Same MOD as AM boss but with addition of one or two more MODs as There'll be 18 players to fight him.
    Points granted for wins would be PI of bots..Alliance with higher points will be Won. All players can jump in one Map. Energy limit would be 3.
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