Alliance Mission Keeps Crashing

Hi, I've just started a new alliance mission yesterday and it seems that I just constantly crash as I enter a fight. It happens usually after I finish fighting a bot and I go to the next node. When I press fight, it crashes or, it crashes when I am about to enter the fight. I have an LG Spree Android.


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    Actually this issue is beyond ams. This issue was never solved either, and strangely Ive noticed the amount of crashes go up. Its annoying in raids especially if you lose health because you crash mid fight. Crashing is when the game screen changes to the home page without warning causing the game to restart (which is why it sucks especially in raids). It has been happening so often that sometimes I could just have finished relaunching the game from a crash and then I try to fight but the game crashes again. Please try fixing this. There have been countless threads that have been closed and yet the issue has not been adressed. Issues like these are plaguing the game and ruining the fun. I have to force myself to relaunch countess times a day to finish a mission or raid that the bugs have prevented me from doing so
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    This is alliance mission.
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    I'm kind of confused on Kabam's stance on constant crashing because this issue still hasnt been solved and the moderators haven't posted anything or status reports on what the devs are doing to fix it or if they are trying to fix it. So please keep us posted on what is happening with the crashes, I'd appreciate it, thanks.
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    Might help to tag a mod
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    Hey man, I deal with the same thing. Kabam has never even remotely helped me in any way. Plus this update wont let me even fight one bot in AM because it crashes over and over again, this caused me to be kicked the day after I joined a new alliance
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    ChaosDogma wrote: »
    Hey man, I deal with the same thing. Kabam has never even remotely helped me in any way. Plus this update wont let me even fight one bot in AM because it crashes over and over again, this caused me to be kicked the day after I joined a new alliance

    Yeah I know alot of people face this issue... this issue has been occurring early on. I've literally had to crash everytime I join a fight or start a story mode mission which is so annoying (I'm not exaggerating) Also you could have told your alliance teammates that you were crashing and you couldnt fight.
    @Kabam Miike
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    This has become so bad. I'm literally crashing every time I try to join a mission and every time I want to fight a bot in missions, and its been consistent. I start a mission and I crash, then I join a fight and crash, then I finish the fight and try to join another fight but it crashes (repeat this in cycles). I've noticed that this issue has become worse and the health penalty needs to be removed. My phone is an LG Spree (android). Please notify me if I need to specify more about my phone. @Kabam Yolotron @Kabam Miike
  • Hi All!

    Do you experience this issue after restarting the app? Have you attempted to clear your cache? If you have and the issue persists, please uninstall the app then restart your device. Once it is back up, please download the app from the store and reinstall. If you are still experiencing this issue after reinstalling, reach out to our Support Team for further assistance.
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    Hi, Thanks for the response. I do experience the issue after restarting the app, and I commonly uninstall the app to update, and it doesnt solve the issue and clearing the cache does not help either. I will contact the Support Team. Thanks
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    How do I find which server I am in? It asks for server and I dont know where to find that.
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    Think it means what region like na, eu or Asia. If it's more than that I do not know the answer to that.
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    I just wrote Na I'm not sure if its going to work
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    Here are still problems in Germany. Whait 2min for a fight and than play like a hand cinema :( just if u have the chance to connect with the game.
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    I sent the Support Ticket and the team responded with some answers. However, the answers were how to fix your cache, restart app, and so on. The answers provided were not helpful and we need more than what we were told to do. The issues are not caused by our phones, please find another fix beyond our phones, thanks.
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    I've just started a new am and I'm still facing the same issues. This issue needs to be fixed please try to get straight to the issue not blame the issue on our phones. I literally cant join a fight because it crashes every time I try to join. I'm getting tired of these issues. Thanks.

    Also, mods, after you respond to a discussion can you please follow up? Most of the time you comment something and then you don't respond anymore, often leaving us with a tip to fix but you never come back. Maybe take notes of what you commented on so you can respond to the people in the discussion you commented in.
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    Bump. I would really like the mods to follow up...
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    I can tell get into a fight also, keeps crashing since the update
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    I get the same issue on my Samsung Note i.e. Crash at 2nd fight irregardless if it's a AM or Story mode. But curiously no such problems on a brandless android. Tried the clearing cache and reinstallation - no use. @Kabam Pepper @Kabam Miike @Kabam Yolotron
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    Kabam what do you need for us to tell you to try to fix this issue? There have been countless threads on this issue and it still plagues your playerbase. Your support team has not given much help but the same tips, clearing cache, re installation, restarting, none of those work. I always restart my app every time it crashes and reinstalling doesn't do anything, as does clearing cache. Most of our gameplay time is spent on loading because of crashing or lagging. @moderator
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    Im getting tired of not being able to do missions just because I would crash every time I tried to enter. Also the health penalty NEEDS to be removed. Kabam your basically punishing us for something that is out of our hands. Also earlier I tried to join a fight but I got kicked out and I found that I had lost half health again. Kabam needs to at least give us rewards every end of the month because of the crashing that we go through.
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    I might consider talking to a moderator personally, but if they see this, I want to say, I really cant even do anything in the game because I would crash every time I tried to fight. I've been stuck on Starscream because I kept crashing every time I tried fighting him on Special Missions (for the past 3 days btw). Looks to me like Starscream's got a new trick up his sleeve. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Pepper
  • I'm in the same situation, the game is closing all the time, my bots are not losing life, but whenever I try to enter the fight the game is just leaving, kabam really should release a version for older phones, because the game is getting boring and boring with these bugs and the support isn't helping in this situation
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    This is getting me more frustrated by the minute. This issue has never been solved and the staff dont care. I personally messaged 5 mods and non of them responded. Its almost been two days even if I gave my opinion nicely teling them to kindly have the devs remove health penalty anr so on.
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