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New device cant get save data

I just upgraded to a samsung s9 but i cant access my save file. Ive synced my account but when i boot up the game it forces me to start over. Ive played until i have access to the login menu but it does nothing. Any ideas?


  • MVSteveMVSteve Posts: 77
    Did you ever create a kabam account? I have 4 accounts and normally only log in through Google play, two accounts I created back up kabam accounts for and guess I never did on the other two so I ended up with the same problem you are having. I just got around it 5 min ago by uninstalling and reinstalling again but immediately logged in through my kabam account and all went back to normal. I still can't access any other account once logged in though and if I try I will either get a freeze up on the load screen or it acts like its going through but puts me back to the account I tried to log out of.
  • Omg that worked. Thank you very much
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