Mixmaster S2 bugged?

Says it has a 70% chance to inflict a Burn for 120% damage over 6 seconds.

I have never once seen it inflict Burn. Either I am the worlds unluckiest player or it's not working right. Anyone else?


  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Yeah we posted this a while ago said they would check into it assuming will be fixed next patch
  • Hey there Deadspectre! As stated by Mustangjon, there is already a thread where this was posted here. As a heads up, I have done a couple things here. First, I have moved your thread to the correct sub forum since bugs and bug reports should be posted in the Bugs and Known Issues sub forum. Secondly, since we do already have this topic opened elsewhere, I have closed this discussion. You are free to add any additional information or ask questions in the thread I linked above.

    Thanks for coming to the forums and letting us know!
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