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3* Bot Energon Deals

Kabam, what is the point of these 3* bot energon deals? Do people actually waste their energon on these things? 5*s have been out for several months already but you think its still ok to push out these horrible deals. Why not make deals that people actually want? Maybe 4* bot deals? Maybe 5* shards or 5* awakening program deals?


  • I have been saying it for ages and i have been waiting more than six months for another one. Give us another dinobot deal with a different character. The one with the 4*, awakening and signature discs, and the resources to r4.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,003
    I find those deals annoying too as they always show up with a red "1" icon to my base. Is there anyway to instantly dismiss an offer (or hide it)?
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