Rezident Weevils are Recruiting! Join the Weevil Army! (For ACTIVE AM'rs Only )

Lucky you :) Rezident Weevils are recruiting! We currently have two slots available to be filled.

You: Preferably a lvl 50+ commander (or close) with excellent 4* or 5* bots. Will need at least three 4* Rank 4 bots available for running AMs. You will be good communicator and take part in all AMs and move up often. You will be hungry for advancement and the rewards being part of a good team can bring.

Us: We are a hard working and friendly team currently ranking #153. Currently running AM Map 3 Lvl 2 with three full Battlegroups and looking to advance even higher. We are not abusive and do our best to be friendly and accommodating to all and happily coach and share tips and information. All we ask is that you stay active and try your best. We do not tolerate anyone logging in to play without also helping out in the AM (one of our few kicking offences). A knowledge of basic English is preferred but currently we have a wide mix of time zones and languages. We have a friendly Line chat group which we use for co-ordinating AMs and general chat and briefings as well as tips and coaching - therefore Line app is a requirement (unless you have a good excuse).

Search for Rezident Weevils [WEEVL] or message an officer for an invite.


  • Johnb6281Johnb6281 Posts: 1
    hello im chat banned in game but have line im very interested in joining same name in game but not uppercase and do u guys finish all 3 or 1 or 2
  • Hi John I sent you an invite if you are still interested.
  • Sicmetal43Sicmetal43 Posts: 13
    I'm interested, my line ID is Venomous_intent
  • Update: We are now rank 140! :) We currently have 2 slots available. Potential Officer position available for the right candidate.

    Let me know if interested.
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