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I was wondering, you think it would be a good idea that when one arena ends, regardless of the “cool down” timer, that when the new arena starts that all bots become available? You know like a fresh start when a new arena event starts? Sometimes I get caught in a decision whether to fight my bots at the last min of the arena timer or wait it out and use them for the up coming event. Plus this will put everyone on level playing ground at the start of each arena


  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,370
    I think the current way keeps it equal. Not everyone will be available at the last minute to run through their 4 and 5 star bots to take advantage of the ~zero cooldown period when the arenas reset.
  • Reaction86Reaction86 Posts: 77
    Don’t have to do it last min. 4* bots takes what 4/5hrs to cool down. So if there is >3hrs of current arena left on timer you still have a decision to make, run the current or wait till the next one.
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