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hi all have come back as usual on the problem of gold because it is no longer possible you need more gold it is not possible at this level I can not understand the purpose of kabam of us limit in gold especially that the gold is the most important in the game it is not with the arene gold has 250k every two weeks that are going there it increases the rate of loot das the crystals d arene or doing as mcoc an active has ended to be incollectable example and to have access to crystals of arene more interesting it is not normal to be in galere of gold on a game


  • Negan13Negan13 Posts: 22
    the mistake monumental was to remove arena chip now we must find a solution because with the arrival of the 5 * ca be even harder is the frustration will be ubiquitous you must act kabam
  • BeerguzzlerBeerguzzler Posts: 104
    Dude. Use punctuation.
  • Negan13Negan13 Posts: 22
    sorry I'm french my english is not at the top
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