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My bot wish list

TyrestTyrest Posts: 5
edited April 2017 in General Discussion
Just as the title says. This is my Bot wish list. My personal favorite transformers that I and many others would love to see make an appearance in this wonderful game. (I understand it takes time to code in the individual characters but my gears are greasy for raiding with these bots.)

Deception Justice Division (Mainly just Tarn and Kaon)

Phase Sixers (Mainly just Overlord)

The Wreckers (Mainly just Impactor / Whirl/ Guzzle)
I hope to see some of these bots appear in - game sometime in the future. Even if just for special events or in store purchases. Imagine the carnage you could create with a team like: Tarn / Overlord / Whirl.

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