Wasp Signature Issues

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If my English is good enough, it says All Debuffs but what we is power lock remains there,, Armor Breaks, Attack Debuff, Power Debuff, CRIT Rate Debuff... ALL debuffs remains there!
In short only Damaging Debuffs are purified (maybe stuns too, I haven't tried it yet)
Please fix this, Allow only Heal Block, Impair Charges to resist purification.

And One question I want to ask from Mods and Community :
If wasp is kinda Unstoppable during Invulnerablity OR he just don't take damage and opponent can engage combo on him?
I haven't tested it as I just rain heavies OR engage combo after ranged. I just didn't considered to risk to dash through their attacks.


  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,168
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    IIRC Wasp purifies any debuff, I'll double check it.
    And no, Wasp just have some weird wake-up motion for you to catch him easily with a punch, but if you time a melee heavy (when he has no special bar) or a special (before he throws a wake-up special) correctly you can get him right after the wake-up.
  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
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    Well I keep distance for 1 sec and his animation is almost over and healing just little more half, I engage a combo...
    I was just asking to make sure I can use invulnerablity as offensive trick,, somewhat similar to motormaster's dash.
  • HalloweendmHalloweendm Posts: 320
    I've had problems with it also. The day before yesterday, I had a fight with my Waspinator and when he got down to somewhere around 5% health, he took a punch to the face (basic melee attack, non-crit) and was killed. His sig never even triggered.

    And in the early days of Waspinator's release, when he was invulnerable, he really was and it lasted until he was back on his feet. For a while now, he's been able to be killed as he's standing back up, before he can even do anything. Sig ability is pretty useless if he can't even get back on his feet to get back into the fight before being killed.
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