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I Have been wrongfully chat banned and KABAM refuses to cooperate

Charleshot25Charleshot25 Posts: 143
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I have been having an issue regarding my chat functionality in forged to fight. Since December of 2017 I have been unable to send messages to anyone via in game chat functionality. I can see what others are saying to each other via in game chat I am unable to communicate with anyone in the game unless I use a third party service. I have sent several emails to KABAM regarding this issue and I get the same automated response (see screenshot below)

I sent another email about the issue today (7/12/18) and I got a response shortly after saying my case was closed. My ability to send messages is still disabled.

Here's why I think this is absolute nonsense.

1) The game censors 80% of what players type regardless of weather or not what you have to say is derogatory. For example, I remember the word "got" being censored whenever I tried to type it. I don't think i need to explain how stupid that is.

2) In the email I received, (see screenshot) It says I may have violated the terms of service by spamming, unauthorized commercial promotional content, transmitting inappropriate content, etc. I have done none of these things. How can I when the game censors everything? As a matter of fact I remember exactly what I said in the game chat right before I got banned. Some under-aged user was attempting to flirt with me and my response was "I do not condone pedophilia." Not even a minute later I was unable to send messages in chat anymore . How does that warrant a ban KABAM?

3) If I did violate the terms of service (which I don't believe I have), you can't just ban someone without giving them a warning. What angers me the most, Is KABAM's refuses to give me an exact reason as to why my chat function has been limited. In the real word, the accused has a right to know what charges are being brought forth against them. The same rule should apply here as well.

I'm posting this on the forum in the hopes that an admin or someone will see this and help me out. KABAM is being uncooperative and KABAM has no phone number listed anywhere so I cannot get in contact with an actual human being at KABAM to get this sorted out

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  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    You actually WANT to use the in game chat? Why?
  • Hi there! Sorry to hear you’re having an issue with the in game chat. While this could possibly be a bug, it is more likely you have received an in game chat ban. We do have moderators reviewing in game chat as well as reports made by other players.

    Chat bans can be temporary (lasting from 1 to 3 days) or possibly permanent. Chat bans occur when a user is violating the Terms of Service, which includes the general guidelines similar to those in the Forum Rules (such as: profanity, flooding, spamming, insults, excessive non-game related conversation as a few examples). An in game chat ban will affect every area of chat including private, global, alliance, etc…

    The moderation team does not have access to in game accounts, therefore we are unable to verify if this was in fact a chat ban or not. For account specific issues, please contact the support team as they will be better equipped to advise in this situation.

    Contacting support:

    From the Main screen, tap the grey gear icon in the top left corner of the screen. From there, tap on the button that says “Support”. Seek your question, if you’re not able to find the answer and have more questions, touch the button that states, “Need more help? Contact us” to submit a support ticket.

    Due to the fact that we are unable to assist, and are directing you to contact support, this thread is now closed.
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