I may have the answer to being unresponsive and bots moving on their own

Ok so i was just fighting and auto fight turned on by itself. this happened to me once before but i thought maybe i accidentally touched it but this time i realized my thumb was no where near the button. So im thinking the reason bot movements have been so unresponsive and they occasionally just sidestep on their own without touching the screen is a issue with auto fight, its like the game thinks auto fight is on or something and i feel like this never happened til i first used auto fight a few months ago i never used to use it. It still doesn't explain how auto fight turns on by itself but hey it shows me thats most likely the cause of all these issues. So kabam i think you guys need to take a look at this it will help alot of us out if you can solve this issue, just giving my some insight it really makes sense to me now that this might be the cause of these issues.


  • JKLJKL Posts: 339
    Interesting theory.
  • HumpyhampsterHumpyhampster Posts: 232
    I’ve got another one for you OP. Something is wrong with the relics.
    If I put up AM relics, I get sticky unresponsive issues. Also the AI seems smarter? Or more difficult. I take relics down and fighting seems smoother easier.
    Apologies if this sidetracked your thread but it seems like it kind of fit
  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 377
    @Humpyhampster I noticed this too when I forgot to put AM relics, like hey the AI isn’t as aggressive. Even for Spotlight too.
  • HumpyhampsterHumpyhampster Posts: 232
    Kinda makes most relics useless if this is indeed the case
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