Bot Abilities Re-balance Suggestions

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Here are some bot think Kabam Need to rebalance
Signature Ability: Confused bots looses x% of current power on missing Attacks. If they slip to lower bar, their power rate is reduced by 50% for 6 secs.
Special Attack 1: Each Hit against Confused Opponent has 25% chance to stun for 3 sec. Crit Hits against Unconfused enemy grant 12% of a power bar.
Special Attack 2:Sonic Attack confuses Opponent while Crit Kick Attack power locks enemy for 6 sec. Special 3 of opponent is locked as long as Opponent is confused

Passive: +25% Projectile Speed while under 75%, gains additional +25% Projectile Speed under 50%.
Melee Attack: +20% Damage against Opponent with pending Stings (not the resistance debuff)
Basic Ranged Attacks: While Shooting, Wasp gains a 50% Ranged Evade buff for 0.4 sec.

Passive: Opponent with Crit rate debuff have trigger 40% less melee evades. Burning Opponent's Power Rate buffs are 50% less effective.
Signature Ability: while he has ranged buff active, Hound has 30% Chance to miss ranged attack while shooting ranged attacks

Signature Ability: Attacks which trigger heal deal 100% less damage.


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    SP1: Steals 100% of power leaked
    SP2: Shock lasts 50% shorter but keeps its damage
    SP3: Scans the opponent's thoughts, allowing Soundwave to ignore 50% ability accuracy

    Melee buffs last 50% longer
    Gains a melee damage buff every for every 10 hits in the combo meter
    SP3: Repairs 20~30% lost health. Converts all melee damage buffs into passive effects
    Since Grimlock now has more ways to gain and keep his damage buffs, let's give him a melee buff/passive effect limit of 20-25
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,359
    Acid has more chance to proc and deal more damage
    Gains a special/crit damage buff whenever an acid debuff expires

    Synergy: Starscream's nullify may pierce block but deal 50% less shock damage
    Synergy: Starscream has a 40~45% chance to nullify evade, crit rate and crit damage buffs
    SP2: Stuns the opponent for 2.5s
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