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Mods on expert are overkill

Some of the mods KABAM have been on these bosses are overkill in my opinion.In this spotlight, Tantrum has energon shield, increased melee damage, unblockable special 2, and strike back. I remember a while ago, KABAM had said Expert was supposed to get easier with the introduction to master difficulty.

These combination of Mods make the boss fights ALMOST seemingly impossible and frustrating. In chapter 3.2 of Tantrum's spotlight mission, he energon shield lasts way to damn long in my opinion. The shield FORCES you to dodge Tantrum's attacks until the shield is down because if you block, you will DIE. This is mainly due to the damage increase mod. That mod essentially renders blocking useless because the damage you sustain while blocking is very high. Back to the dodging. Dodging in this fight is EXTREMELY HIGH RISK and difficult because the AI is very good at backing players into the back edge of the map and we all know how hard it is to escape. On top of that, if you make one mistake and sidestep or dash back at the wrong time, consider yourself dead because a 5 hit combo from Tantrum will eat your health like a sharkticon eats energon sticks.

The other problem with the energon shield mod is that when the shield is down, actually dealing some damage becomes a whole other issue. When going in for a combo when the shield is down, Tantrum will more often than not block your attacks. This is a problem because when he blocks, he gains an unstoppable buff. Trying to attack a bot that has unstoppable active is suicide which again forces you to fall back and resort to dodging and blocking.

The strike back mod is a real pain in the afterburner since it only adds to the dodging problem i mentioned earlier. Any mod that makes the enemies attack unblockable should be removed in my opinion, we already have to worry about unavoidable special 3 attacks, and unblockable special 2 is just another nuisance. (Don't get me started on that mod that was put on Megatron to make ALL his basic attacks unblockable in last month's spotlight. That was completely unnecessary).

Strike back is another mod that seems like it was put there just to annoy the players. Special attacks are all but worthless because of this mod. Unless you spamming prowl's special 1 attack, If you use a special on Tantrum, he'll have complete power control and the special attacks won't stop.

KABAM if you're gonna put these crazy mods on the bosses, AT LEAST give us a way to exploit the boss's or the mod's weaknesses. For example, If you're gonna put a mod like energon shield on a bot, then also put a mod said bot that does something like "missing 4 consecutive melee attacks will cause said bot to be stunned for "x" amount of seconds. While the bot is stunned, the player wont be able to deal damage to the bot cause the shield mod will convert damage to health but at least the player wont have to worry about getting harassed by the AI spamming hit after hit. This will also reward players for learning how to dodge properly.

[If i'm being completely honsest, mods in general are why I hesitate to get 100% on expert but I force myself to do it becuase the rewards for any other difficulty other than master are hot garbage. They also make the fights not fun. It's been quite sometime since I've had fun doing ANY higher level activity because the mods feel like they're put in place just to get us to spend energon on repairs. I'd rather use my energon on mission refills and crystals and deals.]


  • The mods weren’t even bad on this one. The only one that was rage worthy was Motormaster. Other than that the were pretty good
  • And another thing. When you hit the opponent with energon shield, they heal 50% of your attack. Not 100. So play as you normally would and it might be slower but you will end up killing him at the end
  • DonApisDonApis Posts: 544
    The mods weren’t even bad on this one. The only one that was rage worthy was Motormaster. Other than that the were pretty good

    I'm agree with this.
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    The only bot I find hard to fight against is Motormaster, his AI is always different from other spotlight enemies, it’s a combination of defensive AI and aggressive AI, turning him into yo-yo, combined with that melee bleed mod makes him a true energon grab. It took me 3 attempts to clear the easiest path in 2.2 and this morning to fully explore his mission.
    I don’t know what you guys think but, I find Strike Back kinda helpful in certain situations. It has saved me multiple times in AM against Waspinator, I always unleash my special attack whenever he has 1 bar of power to push him to the second bar to force him to spam his SP2. I find this “Strike Back Exploit” pretty useful against bots with bad SP1s such as Ultra Magnus, Arcee, MV1 Prime, Dinobot, etc. Oh, and having the word ‘exploit’ doesn’t mean cheating, don’t you dare screw this up, Kabam.
    Strike Back can also help you bait special attacks faster to create an open window to beat up your opponent when your traditional intercepts don’t work against Motormaster and Cheetor.
  • KennyKenny Posts: 309
    My opinion is this combination is way easier than previous ones.

    Energon shield itself is probably one of the easiest mods to deal with, the heal is small (I think it’s 30% this time) and it increases your damage when it’s down leaving you with a net gain in damage. So there is no need to have a special play style for this mod.

    Next up we have melee damage mod, unless your forcing tantrum to block this one doesn’t do much. I have no idea why people whale on tantrum when he’s blocking just to give him unstoppable, you can use a heavy and either break the block or force him to dodge. This is an easy trick to pull off in expert, but master you have to have a fairly quick reaction.

    Unblockable special 2 is also relitively easy to dodge, all you have to do is backstep the first part and sidestep the second part. As long as your keeping a little bit of space between yourself and tantrum you’ll dodge it anyways.

    Then we have strike back, I’ll admit combined with energon shield this one can be a little tricky, but it’s all about timing. If he has less than a bar of power and the sheild is down it’s a good time to unload your special. If he’s going to be a hit or two away from a special 3 I would recommend just holding your special.

    Overall compared to previous months I think this combination is way easier to deal with. I was really happy to see we got a break from 400% speed and damage.
  • PiconiaPiconia Posts: 106
    The mods are ok, the one that was crap was the no bleed mod.

    Expert is a lot easier than it was, it's just the transition that is hard. If you pass the barrier in getting one bot maxed out rank-wise, then the 2nd, 3rd etc, you'll notice a substantial decrease in difficulty. The difficulty curve before the 1st bot to the 3rd is a steep one, after which it kinda levels out.
  • Charleshot25Charleshot25 Posts: 143
    The mods weren’t even bad on this one. The only one that was rage worthy was Motormaster. Other than that the were pretty good

    I had zero problems with Mototrmaster. Prowl special 1 spamming got through that fight easy. Tantrum on the other hand, was a nightmare for me. I've fought MM soo many times that I can read his movements fairly well but there are times when the AI does something "unexpected"
  • KennyKenny Posts: 309
    Tantrums mods seen bad on the surface, but overall they aren’t bad to deal with at all.

    First up energon shield, the only thing this mod makes you do is pay attention to when your activating special attacks. Other than that you can play normally and after a few cycles the bot will die.

    Next let’s break down unblockable special 2, another fairly easy one. All you have to do is backstep, then sidestep to dodge. So unless your not keeping your distance this mod isn’t hard to deal with.

    Increased melee damage, this is pretty much the “don’t screw up” mod. If you don’t give tantrum unstoppable then you won’t have a hard time with this. (Bonus: if you see tantrum blocking at all just use a heavy immediately as it will either force him to dodge, or he’ll get hit and you’ll break the block)

    Lastly strike back, this mod just forces you to be mindful of tantrums power bar, which hopefully your doing in every fight. If you have to, it’s not the end of the world to hold off on a special attack to make sure you don’t give tantrum a special 3.

    Overall compared to the last few months this one has been easier imo, I’ll gladly take this over the annoying ranged speed and immune to bleed mods.
  • OttoBotOttoBot Posts: 10
    I didn't see this mentioned, so apologies if it's just obvious to everyone else: I haven't done Expert yet, but on Hard, Generations Megatron (duped) is a pretty great counter to Tantrum. Once you've affixed a debuff on him, you'll start stealing all of his buffs, including the energon shield.
  • Personally this has been the easiest Expert yet. I do have another r5, so that has helped immensely. But there's no damn +400% ranged mod! That thing is the worst. Mix's mods would have been overkill if he had his SP3, but without it he's dealable. The last Tantrum is probably the hardest one, but still dealable over several bots.
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