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Sell Ore from Stash directly

Hello Team,

I was wondering if you could implement a feature that allows us to sell ore directly from stash without having to claim it first. I have about 800 unclaimed pieces of ore, and the process of clicking stash - claim max. ore to inventory - open inventory - click on ore to sell - sell - go back to stash - and so on is time consuming and tedious.

Is there any way you could make this easier? For example by letting players sell it from stash directly?

Thank you.


  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,938
    Yes please make it a thing
  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
    Really frustrating this is...
    Please buff gold crystals,, don't matter if you buy 1/2/20 crystals.. I still get average of 2500-2800... Who will waste 20 energon for 2.5-2.5k gold
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