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Device Option for Overheating and Lag

This is no way excuses the need to address the actual issues on the Kabam side (eg. memory, graphics settings). However, I wanted to just pass along my experience to an alternative. I acknowledge this solution is not for everyone and it is purely informational.

I recently dusted off an old Samsung S5 and installed the game. Wow, what a difference. Yes, the graphics are different (less spark when hits land, less defined edges to bot outlines, and color richness is reduced). I've used the device for 10 days without any issue and only after about 2.5 hours of continuous play does the device become "hot" -- at that point I need power anyways. I went ahead and dusted off another device (Samsung S6). Performance on the S6 was even better than the S5 -- which I attribute to a healthier battery and upgraded processor.

Please keep the negative comments away from this thread. I simply wanted to share my experience and give those that are curious about an interim solution something to consider. I do not work for Samsung. I am actually an iOS user.

Hope this is helpful to some.


  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,779
    my work phone is an s6. Will install and verify
  • thisisdogthisisdog Posts: 18
    What does „dusted off“ exactly mean?
  • LatimustronLatimustron Posts: 202
    I started playing this game on android phone and then switched to iPhone. I never faced any issues since a year. It was only after the recent update that the game has become too choppy. Now you all may find this very silly but when the phone gets heated up, the game eventually lags so all I do is remove the phone cover/case and continue playing. Surprisingly the game gets smoother. I guess it has a lot to do with the ventilation upon getting heated.
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,779
    thisisdog wrote: »
    What does „dusted off“ exactly mean?

    it's just an expression. He means he has an old phone so he got it back out and used it - when something hasn't been used it usually collects dust, hence the phrase
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    edited July 2018
    I agree, I had posted a while back that my old s5 neo is capable of running the game without a hitch because the auto detail settings are correctly scaled for the hardware in that phone.

    I do prefer playing with my Moto Z for the eye candy, but I just have to remember to play in short spurts on it.

    Yup, the game looks primitive on the s5 neo, but it runs smooth as silk for hours.
  • HrockHrock Posts: 132
    Yesterdays update has caused more lag and game crashes then ever before on Andrroid Galaxy S7 Edge. Magnus fights have 80 percent probability of crash. All game modes have issues. Experience 5 crashes a day min. Im not going to fill out any more reports.
  • thisisdogthisisdog Posts: 18
    DaveJL wrote: »
    thisisdog wrote: »
    What does „dusted off“ exactly mean?

    it's just an expression. He means he has an old phone so he got it back out and used it - when something hasn't been used it usually collects dust, hence the phrase

    Thanks for the clarification, I wasn’t sure whether he meant that he completely erased all data from his old phone and only had TFTF reinstalled. I remember I did the same on my iPhone 4 and performance was a lot better afterwards. However, I guess not everyone has old phones lying around which they can exclusively use for this game :smiley: I’ll try playing it on some old devices tho. On my iPhone 8 Plus I can play for 15 min then the lagging becomes unbearable.
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,779
    Ok, so I installed it on my Samsung S6 and it works well enough - graphics are at a minimum but it plays smooth enough with only a little heat.

    I also went and bought a Huawei P20 pro today (rather than a Google Pixel 2 XL) and the game plays well. Again, for some reason it plays at low detail but there is no heat at all.

    This leads me to believe that the graphical settings is definitely what is causing the overheating issues.

    I have 4 devices - Iphone 7plus, Ipad gen 6, Samsung S6, Huawei P20 Pro.

    The two that run low gfx don't over heat, the two that run high gfx over heat. Ipad copes better (but is prone to in game freezing) as I think the enlarged surface area helps it dissipate heat better, but it eventually happens.

    We need an adjustable gfx setting or the gfx need a rethink
  • JIMMY_SABJIMMY_SAB Posts: 1,008
    Getting worse everyday for iOS users. What a shame.
  • Not the first time I'll say that, I highly support the idea of an in-game option to set graphic details
  • PiconiaPiconia Posts: 106
    I'm getting used to my Black Panther OG Megatron
  • JIMMY_SABJIMMY_SAB Posts: 1,008
    For anyone curious, I recently added on an accessory to my Samsung S5 — an extended battery (about double the capacity of OEM). It was $26 USD and it’s been amazing. All in all, I essentially created a dedicated gaming phone. Not a bad alternative in my book. Oddly, my wife is more tolerant to my gaming now that she knows I’m on a dedicated device and not my actual phone. Hard to fathom unless you are married.

  • Galaxy Note 9 might be great for F2F if anyone is getting the new phone let the community know how F2F plays
  • It works well on my J7 prime
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