Known Issue: Monthly Objectives Reset. We are aware that many Commanders have had their monthly objectives suddenly reset. We are working to resolve this ASAP. In the mean time, we do not suggest trying to earn any more Monthly Objectives.

Rogue Brothers - Gateway to #1 with Omega Wreckers

The Omega Wreckers family is looking for some up and comers to join Rogue Brothers. Our top tier alliance in the family, Omega Primes, took the #1 spot in the last AM's leaderboard. Our middle tier alliance, Rangers Wreckers, was 12th.

Rogue Brothers is currently doing AM map 3 at difficulty 16 and increasing. We only require AM participation to get all three BGs to 100% each day, other alliance events are as you have time to play.

If you are looking for something better, hit me up on Line at cuppm.
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