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5* cool down?

Not sure if it’s working correctly but I’m positive I hit the “request help” after each fight. I come back 7 hours later and my 5s are back on top of the selection page with the request help banner over them and in need of 1-2 hours more cool down time after. This has been happening for a while and I’m pretty sure it’s not right. Please help lol


  • dtorreskaterdtorreskater Posts: 98
    edited August 1
    5* take longer than 4* to cool down. I believe it is 8 hours. Help or no help. Not a bug.
  • HumpyhampsterHumpyhampster Posts: 223
    What I’m talking about is occasionally more than an 8 hour period. I know I said 7 hours above but after I request help for the second time I’m still waiting 2+ hours more
  • Mufc14Mufc14 Posts: 236
    It should be 7 hours without help, if you get help I think it will reduce to 6:40-6:50.
    However if it more than 7 hours then you should contact support.
  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 642
    3* cool down for three hour, 4* cool down for 4 hours,, shouldn't five star cool down for five hours
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