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Feature bot chips on defends.

So i had this idea that during the special monthly raid event. That if you got a defend against the opponent you would get the half of the bot chips that they would have received.
Just a thought i dont know how you guys feel about this but it would still be minute and helpful.
And with us already getting rewarded in raid chips and the 5 star bot being so high of a wall it would be slightly but still helpful.
Also would reward people for having a resilient base during the event.


  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
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  • This would make it harder for people who don’t raid well. I don’t like this idea what so ever
  • You do realize on a failed attempt you only get half the chips you would have recieved if you won right? Im saying take the half of the chips the attacker would have recieved if he won and award them to the defender. There would be no change to the persons reward on the offensive side.
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