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Reviews on WheelJack

SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
edited August 2018 in General Discussion
Okay, whatever written in this color is Written by Me. Please, don't confuse it for anyone else
I'm using this color to state Wheeljack's Abilities in Ditto form as written in Official Bot Intel. Hope Kabam won't have any problem with it

Each time Wheeljack Transforms he begins to Construct a random Upgrade for 4 seconds [Max 3 Upgrades]
If Wheeljack Is struck by a Critical Melee Hit while Constructing, the Construction Fails and the Upgrade is lost

Well,, it feels like Ratchet's Repairs: He needs to transform back successfully to start Construction. So, If your bot is not so 'Critty', it would always be better to not let him start a construction. If his Heavy Attack is melee, then it's going to be easy.. However, If it turns out to be Ranged, you'll need little sharp reflexes. Barricade's nasty ranged attack will do this with little extra punishment (BackFires)
But, in case, He starts to construct, He needs to be hit by a crit Melee hit to stop it.. Who can do it better than WindBlade, Jazz or Drift?
OG Bee is also good for this purpose
As a User,It is better to Use heavy Attacks after a combo, whether it's Melee or Ranged

Defensive Upgrade: 10~20% Damage Resistance and increases to the chance Special Attacks will inflict Stun by 20%
Offensive Upgrade: 15~30% Attack Rating and increases the chance Special Attacks will inflict Shock by 20%
Power Upgrade: 10~20% Power Rate and increases the chance Special Attacks will inflict Power Leak by 20%
If Wheeljack is struck by a Melee Critical Hit from a Special or Heavy Attack the newest Upgrade constructed will be removed.

Well for Defense Upgrade, I'm sure Wasp's Debuff will reduce it's effectiveness, but for nullify part, I'm relly not sure. And it doesn't seem to be stacking additively i.e Three Defense Upgrades won't add up to give 30-60% Resistance. Extra Stacks will be mitigated.
For Offense Upgrade, I'm not so sure if Magnus or Starscream(Unduped) will nullify it for it's Attack Rating part or not.
For Power Upgrade, I'm very certain Kickback will consume it like He consumes Ratchet repairs for their Power Gain effect. But, still needs clarification by Kabam.
@Kabam Miike ,please clarify if These increases in trigger chances are flat +20% or +(20% of current chance) or so.
Any so, These buffs seems quite effective,at least for now.
As an Opponent you have to land a Crit Melee Heavy or Special Hit to remove one upgrade. Again, Who can do it better than Drift, Windblade or OG Bee? But, if you are using Barricade or Jazz, you have to do this with Special Attacks. For jazz, Sp1 would be better to remove Upgrades

If Wheeljack Constructs 3 of the same Upgrade type he randomly Repairs between 10-20% of Max Health.

Now, It felt awesome for first, but if you look in depth, It is more like a Once per Fight phenomena, Because to trigger it again, you have to loose one upgrade by getting hit and get a upgrade of same type again, it can be severe
But, wait, sp2 randomly shifts all Upgrades..Yeeaahh!
To be honest, this can be a quite Strong Heal, and i feel it was necessary for WJ. But... "Randomly" word is stinging me.
If you can notice there's difference of '-' and '~' . Means it really depends on your luck if he'll repair 10% health or 20% health or 12%, 15%, 12.5% or WhatSoEver. This ability is random and isn't effected by Rank Ups IMO.

In the End, If are lucky enough to get same Upgrade thrice, go for Sp2. Otherwise, Go for sp3, then sp2 and repeat the sequence.

Special 1 – Prototype :
- 60% Chance to inflict Shock for 3 seconds.
- 30% Chance to inflict Power Leak for 2 seconds.
- 10% Chance to deal Stun for 3 second.

And we don't know How much Shock Damage will be done or Power will be drained. So, no comment on this.
Although, these abilities are quite good.

Special 2 – Iterate :
- Randomly Replaces all Upgrades.
- 60% Chance to inflict Shock, 30% chance to inflict Power Leak, and 10% chance to inflict Stun.

This is almost same as SP1, use it when you three upgrades of same type, otherwise go for SP3.

Special 3 – Perfect :
- All Upgrades become the same type as the first Upgrade.
- 60% Chance to inflict Shock, 30% chance to inflict Power Leak, and 10% chance to inflict Stun.

In other words, it also gives you heal buff. Everything else is same as SP1.
Don't use this special if you have 3 buff of same type, this may not give heal. Use SP2 first, followed by SP3.

If an enemy attack would reduce Wheeljack’s health below 75%, 50% or 25%, Force Shield will activate, reducing all damage from enemy attacks by 100% for 2~8 seconds.

It feels like to get real use you have get it to high level. And again, it may not be available to save you from One Shot hits: for e.g - WJ is at 26% and opponent delivers a One Shot Hit to 0% (SwordMaster WindBlade or MV1 SP1), His shield won't be there to protect him from that.
But, there is always a window in defensive abilities.
Anyways, This is really a quite very Useful Ability. Just make sure, Don't get in contact of DoTs or OG Bee.

Like many other techs, He might have Low HP and attack, and may have to rely on abilities for Survival or Damage Output.

Mutual – Allies – Optimus Prime, Grimlock - +2~8% Armor

GrimLock may not even care who the Hell WheelJack is, but at last, He's his creator.
Every Autobot has right to share synergy with Optimus! whether or not, they have some relations or not!

Mutual – Enemies – Bludgeon, Motormaster - +2~8% Attack Rating
WheelJack was, maybe, victim inScene from which MotorMaster's SP3 is inspired!
Not sure about Bludgeon.

Mutual – Upgrades – Bumblebee, Jazz
Wheeljack provides all Autobot team members a random Passive Upgrade each fight. Upgrades grant either +2~8% Attack Rating, +5~10% Damage Resistance, or +5~15% Power Rate for the duration of the fight.

They are spectators of many of Wheeljack’s demonstrations of his Inventions.
Attack Buff, and Resistance is pretty good, Power Rate is not so good. He'll give any One of these buff at start of every fight to All Autobots like "Till All are One".

Outgoing – Brain Gain – Shockwave
Shockwave has a 10~30% chance to inflict Stun for 2 seconds when inflicting 3 or more Shocks simultaneously.

Basically, Shockwave's SP1 has flat 30% chance to stun. Not sure for SP3 as it consumes charges in CountDown, not One Shot
And Most of Us already try to smash three shocks on Heavy Attacks

WheelJack seems very Good for Long Battles like Legends of Cybertron or Boss Fights.
OG Bee, WindBlade and Drift are, by far, best counters. Brawlers and Demolitions are Weak Counters.
Cheetor is also a good option, if he has sp3 ready, you can apply the heal block. Unfortunately, His Feral Strike does not ignore Shields
Jazz and Barricade used with Little Precautions can be also Hard Counters
Rest depends on MODs

One thing I liked most about him is : You don't need a specific play-style to use him at his Maximum.
Just Construct three Upgrades and cycle through SP2 and SP3
Meanwhile- You can fight wisely like Drift, offensive like Tantrum/Rhinox, Ranged shoot-outs like wasp, be defensive like SoundWave
You can use any style which fits you the most
His SP2 changes types of current Upgrades randomly and it HAS potential to cause these random upgrades to be of same type


  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
    All of you guys are free to Comment and share your views
    And please don't quote the big post above,.
    You can tag me if there's something you want to tell me.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    edited August 2018
    10% is a good start and the expectance is 15%.

    The strategy of WJ that I can think of, for a long fight:
    * Start constructing
    * If the first upgrade is power rate, fine. Go for sp3. You'll get a repair and 3 power rate buffs (+60%) helping you to get your next sp3.
    * As long as you don't lose your very first buff, stick with sp3. I think you'll repair every time. It's not clear atm but if not, then it's a choice between sp2 and eating a melee crit.
    * If the first one isn't power rate. Shuffle with sp2 until you get it right, then repeat steps above.
  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
    edited August 2018
    @KillMasterC there you got confused... You need to have three constructions to get repair.
    If you power at first, and two offense later. SP3 will convert later two offense in power.
    If you got one power and then one defense,no third construction.. It will convert defense in power, no third construction will be provided.
    And why do you think there is use of word "randomly" and sign difference while kabam always use correct punctuation. If you keep three buff of same type it won't help again and unless there is variety in buff, you can compare it to tantrum : you can Not trigger sign at 10 buff unless you loose them.
    First one refers to he got first from zero buff.
    If he got power and others and they all got nullified.
    Then he got offense, them offense will be considered the first buff.
    If you notice they used words "replace"and "become"
    May be I can be wrong too
  • ToughTough Posts: 237
    He’s ok
  • Personally, I think he's bloody amazing. He's definitely replacing my Soundwave
  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
    WheelJack is far superior than I expected, No matter how strong attack you do, the health bar will stop at 75/50/25. And you can trigger shield again and again by healing!
  • You're wrong about the healing. Everytime you use a special 3, it turns all buffs into the same one. If you already have 3, it'll get rid of one, (regardless if all 3 are identical) and replace it so that all 3 buffs are identical thus activating the heal. I have tested this myself too you can keep healing as pong as u keep using the special 3.
  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
    @Charleshot25 , I just said on basis of What was written and Experience for tantrum and other bots.
    Well, Thanks a lot for sharing this!
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    You're wrong about the healing. Everytime you use a special 3, it turns all buffs into the same one. If you already have 3, it'll get rid of one, (regardless if all 3 are identical) and replace it so that all 3 buffs are identical thus activating the heal. I have tested this myself too you can keep healing as pong as u keep using the special 3.

    Great. Because otherwise he'll be meh.
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