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    Megatronus will defeat anyone, 👍👍👍👍👍 when he’s in the alliance mission I miss I’m terrible
    But I just found a perfectly nice 👍 raid team
    Rank 5 4* Wheeljack forge 100
    Rank 5 4* Grimlock. I need to forge into this guy lol 😂
    Rank 2 5* G1 Bee all I need is 2 T2 Alpha then this little guy is rank 3 😁 so excited
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    Hello, I was wondering if there is a thread that shares best bots to defend a base, and do Synergies work between the bots on base.
    Hello, I was wondering if there is a thread that shares best bots to defend a base, and do Synergies work between the bots on base.

    Nope, there are no synergies for your base bots. I asked Kabam in the past & they consider each to be an individual defender. It be cool if they did for my base, but glad that it’s not when I’m raiding
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    Magnus against bludgeon or drift...they only use melee damage
  • Bntyhntr3232_Bntyhntr3232_ Posts: 2,570
    Optimus Prime MV1 against Harm Accelerator


    But what about against a Cheetor? Willpower isn't going to do you much good when you're heal blocked for the entire fight, is it now?

    That's racist!
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    Best bots in the game in my opinion in order (duped of course):

    -G1 Megatron
    -G1 Bumblebee

    Those are bots in my opinion that can handle almost any situation if you know how to play them. Then there are several bots who are really great at special situations, like "Bonecrusher" with a harm accelerator against non brawlers, Dinobot on base duty with Nightbird's mark against non explodies, etc.

    Grimlock is your number one raid bot though. He's enabled me to win many raids I could never win otherwise.

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    A duped drift with maxed out 4* harm Accelerator
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    All bots are good in the right conditions. For example, if you have a Grindor on base defense with either Security or Repair Module is super good for wasting time, but is terrible for offense. On the flip-side, a Megatron (ROTF) is great for offense with his minions, but isn't great, even with Laser Guidance Module because he doesn't get his minion synergies.
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    Cheetor: ratchet
    Drift: most evasion scouts
    Tantrum: harm acceleration bots (nano-jack+ bonecrusher)
    G1 prime+ G1 Megatron : every brawler
    Megatronus- Galvatron- most tacticians with resistance buffs
    Shockwave- mv Megatron and any other healing bots
  • Evasive Bots - Hot Rod. I’ve nearly maxed out my 5* HR and I use to it fight Cheetor in AM.

    Fast Energy Gains - Prowl is the no.1 guy. He can power drain a decent amount with his SP1. I always use him to fight demos in AM. Hoping he’s next in the store 🙏🏾

    Harm Accelerator - GrimLock. Say no more.

    Wheeljack and his OP shield in AM - G1 Scout bumble bee. He break the shield which then shocks Wheeljack 😘👌🏾

    Maxed out Megatronus and Harm Accelerator - Quit Raid.

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    Manthro wrote: »
    No... This to to help other players, and to create some involvement, awareness and discussion within the player community. The dev team most certainly can see who is choosing what bots in which situations.

    They may not fully understand why, but they have the information.

    So much "Sky is falling" mentality from the community sometimes.

    Then this post should be here, officially, from day 1. I mean after all this common practice talking about which bot is good or giving in-depth ideas about some "meh" bots, they are saying "OK let's start from scratch"?

    Sorry, I only got the idea for it because of a Tier List another Commander posted. We know what Bots do well where, but we want the community to be able to share their thoughts with each other as well.

    Thanks for the post. I’m actually learning a lot of useful things about bots I have been neglecting 😅
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    I'm gonna get this thread Necro'd just for the sake of it
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    Red_Eyes wrote: »
    Gunz0 wrote: »
    So...who's the counter to all the unstoppable bots?

    StarScream can nullify Unstoppable.
    And Stunners like WindBlade, Ratchet etc
    whoever can nullify OR place Stun.

    Or you can go with Unstoppable vs. Unstoppable: Tantrum and Motormaster, Tantrum especially.

    Once, in Arenas, I went against Tantrum with Tantrum. We activated the unstoppable at pretty much the same time, and then proceeded to claw each other’s face off at the same time. It looked HILARIOUS. You guys need to try it.
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