Sentient Saviors [S O S], High Ranking Alliance is looking for YOU

Are you looking to rank up? Do you give your all in battle? Are you an active player and communicator? is your personality easy to get along with?

We are a top 85 Alliance with the ability to jump higher very quickly with the right players. We currently run Map 3 level 17 with a consistent 100% in each Battlegroup, with the ability to run map 3 level 21 with the current group that we have.

There can be exceptions made, but we are ideally looking for players who...

-Have at least one Four Star Rank 5/5
-Have at least two Four Star Rank 4/5
-Good forge level (50 or higher preferred)
-Must have experience on Map 3 level 15 and above (this is preferred but lower level experience is something we can talk about.)
-Be a USA player is preferred. This is negotiable depending on your time of day you play and consistency of play.
-Please have LINE app, not needed but it makes your experience with us that much better. We communicate very effectively and we are a family that has fun banter back and forth not just about the game

If you think you are a good fit, we want you to join our Alliance. You can contact me on LINE app or in game at the same name, Meatshield72, or our leader Bain7474 on LINE app or in game at the same name.


  • Correction. Please find me at Bain1984. That line account i do not have access to.
  • I would edit it but for some reason you cannot edit a post after a certain amount of time....
  • We have another spot open. One forum user found us and he is helping us move quickly through the ranks.

    Who wants to be next to become stronger and work their way to the top?
  • We have another spot open spot in our alliance due to one of our members running into real life family issues. If interested hit us up.
  • Back on the recruiting trail. Make S.O.S. great again. Lol
  • BAIN7474 wrote: »
    Back on the recruiting trail. Make S.O.S. great again. Lol
    No no no, Keep S.O.S Great! and you can help! Message us here or respond to this post or find us on line or in game.
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