Max forge level stats

Hi guys,

Me and the guys from alliance have a 3 days debate about maximum forge level stats.

A friend of mine says that once a 4* bot reaches level 99, you must use the same 3* bot for last forge, because when the 3* is maxed and u forge it into the 4* bot it gives him better stats because it shows him when he selects the bot.

As far as I know max level is 100 and the stats have same values for all Dinobots that are in the game and are 50/50 and 100 forged!


  • TKOTKO Posts: 246
    The stats don't change because of the bot that you use.
  • WunWun420WunWun420 Posts: 41
    edited August 2018
    Can you guys share print screens? I keep getting errors
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 1,769
    edited September 2018
    This is incorrect. I max forged my Prowl and threw everything into him, all classes and only 1 was a 3* Prowl. You can get that last level with any bot as long as it gives enough points for a full level.
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