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willdorfwilldorf Posts: 217
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1. Better communication on upcoming features so we aren't as disappointed and just waiting blindly

2. New story chapters (7 very long months since last one)

3. T3C daily mission

4. New spotlight difficulty (Master will be way to easy for people with R4 5*s)

5. Update to AM rewards (Completion, exploration, and rank rewards need it, i'd suggest rewards just be buffed to what they currently are at 10 lvls higher, so t3c shards start at lvl 11, and add t4b essence to 31+ exploration rewards)

6. Commander level 60

7. ROK 3

8. Daily deal increased value to include T3C essence of the class of the day (This has been the same since who knows when) (give us a reason to buy this)

9. Increased gold in gold crystals (now you can get more gold from arena crystals and 4 hour crystals) (give us a reason to buy these)

10. T2 Mod spark essence in base bounty arena rewards

11. Daily raid store item update (add gold crystals, a 4525 grey ore, small amount of t3c shards)

12. T4 Knight crystals (in order of chance lowest to highest: 5*s, T4B, T3C, T2A, 4*s)

13. Be able to sell ore and directly from stash rather than having to put it in inventory first. This saves a lot of time, especially if your inventory is pretty full with ones you want to keep (wouldn't mind an increase in ore and spark inventory max either, many people don't understand why we earn stuff and it expires at all)

14. Items such as sig programs in your stash need a label, you can't click on them to see which star level it is, nothing to differentiate if it's the same color.

15. Relic quick change sets. 3 sets that you can quick change from the base screen of 4 relics that you choose, like one for AM, one for missions, and your hound relics if you want to maximize your gold

16. Pick your own class 2x t3c cash deal

17. 5* Fastpass 2/20 class specific energon deals

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  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,268
    #4 may be coming soon seeing as how they lowered the energy requirements for med and hard.
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,755
    I hope not, as master mode might be easy for a few but not everyone. I feel like adding yet another difficulty will just make it tedious - would rather see a new game mode
  • ToughTough Posts: 237
    Wow, this is pretty accurate. Good job. All this would be an amazing update.
  • LaprasLapras Posts: 258
    Most of this falls under the “house keeping” bucket. Don’t get me wrong, it all needs to happen, but what we really need is a new game mode.
  • iuJacobiuJacob Posts: 442
    Agreed. Good list.
  • WarCatWarCat Posts: 171
    Fixing the overheating and lag issue should be at the top of the list. Other than that, your list is a good one.
  • iuJacobiuJacob Posts: 442
    WarCat wrote: »
    Fixing the overheating and lag issue should be at the top of the list. Other than that, your list is a good one.

    Fixing overheating and lagging? What is this witchcraft you speak of?
  • We really need more side events. Like gauntlets and dungeon type stuff or something. Mcoc gets them every month now aside from monthly event quests.
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