Specials randomly setting off/random dashing forward still an issue.

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This has been a problem since it arose in version 6.0, (or soon after) if remember correctly. I know some other people have posted about it aswell.

Characters are randomly dashing forward or setting off specials. It really puts you at a huge disadvantage, opening you up to get attacked, and obviously wastes your power.

One could assume the special button is extremely sensitive, but I don’t think that’s the case as it doesn’t have anything to do with the random dashing forward, and they both started happening at the same time.
On top of that, there seems to be additional issue where sometimes specials don’t trigger at all until I’ve hit the button about 4+ times... most notably this is an issue with setting off Special 3.

iPhone 8
iOS 11.3.1


  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 1,524
    I've had my sp1 just fire of randomly lately but it's been so hit n miss I can't really find a pattern. Haven't had the dash issue but once and it was a while ago.
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    I haven't had dash issues, but I've had special attacks firing off randomly. I'd been wondering up to this point if it was just my finger slipping without me noticing or something, but it hadn't happened to me even once before 6.0, and now that others have mentioned it too I'm less inclined to think this is some mistake on my part.

    EDIT: My device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Europe version w/ Exynos 8895 processor).
  • iuJacobiuJacob Posts: 442
    BlackRazak wrote: »
    Dash issue also a problem for me.
    I've lost boss fights just coz.
    Thought it was my smudgy screen, but seems to affect Android and not iOS 11+.
    Droids affected[/i]:
    Turbo 2
    Galaxy S6
    Moto Z
    Moto C Plus

    iPad PRO 12.9
    Moto X4
    Moto E5 Plus

    It is an issue on iOS11+ though. That’s why I started the thread.
  • iuJacobiuJacob Posts: 442
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    This problem has gotten worse since the last update.

    Really frustrating.
  • KittenKitten Posts: 1,066
    yeah specials randomly going off was really annoying
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