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GR9 Recruiting consistent active players

We are currently looking for consistently active player who can participate fully for Alliance Missions.
We are kicking inactive players weekly, so the current alliance is now only consist of Active players.

- We doing Map 3 Difficulty 12, sometimes 21.
- You should have 3 bots that you can use for Alliance Mission, at least three 4Star-Rank4-Level40 each.
- We require Discord comm app. This is where we communicate and share infos we know bout the game, every topic has its own channel(raid, spotlight, am, arena, etc). And every important info is pinned you can check it anytime easily when you join. You can also share of course your knowledge with us, you are more than welcome.

How to join:
- You can add me through discord - Ichie#8190
- Search for GR9 ingame and Request to join, after we accept you check the alliance objectives for the discord invite link and join asap.
- If option 1 didn't work, drop your discord ID and i'll try to add you
- Or drop a PM and i'll reply a discord invite link
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