Upcoming improvements to arenas

I think the improvement to the basic arena yesterday was awesome. In the near future, maybe these could also be updated:

1. Base bounty to include T2M spark crystal shards
2. Crystal to include 5* shards
3. Alpha to include T3A essence
4. Sig to include 5* sigs

T4B, Gold, and T3C are pretty good as is for a while I think.


  • KittenKitten Posts: 1,475
    Perfect, except t3a arena should come a bit later
  • willdorfwilldorf Posts: 213
    edited September 2018
    I'd say they could introduce it in a few months and make it:

    Top 30 : 1000 T3A
    1-2%: 500 T3A
    3-5%: 250 T3A

    then a couple months after that double it...

    I really think top resources should flow to a larger percentage of players, even if it's just a little bit for the 2nd and 3rd tiers... Like before the basic spark arena was updated, the only way to get T4B was to place top 6 in AM, in master spotlight, or purchasing deals with either large amounts of energon or cash. They could put a tiny bit in lower tier accomplishments, like 250 essence for exploring expert and 250 for rank 11-25 in AM... but I could write a whole other post about how I think AM rank rewards are too sharply exponential as you go up towards top ranks.
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