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Use Of Gold and Energon.

I personally think rather than just using gold to install ores only, it should be also use to buy ore's just like raid chips, or to buy energons. I have plenty of gold and the next thing i do with it, is to donate in alliance. Also, it can be use to buy spark essence. What do you guys think about it..? Not everyone is looking to spend alot of money but do ready to play it with all their skills. Afterall, a game should be primarily about skills and strategies only. Money comes afterwards.


  • Alkaiser_93Alkaiser_93 Posts: 249
    edited May 2017
    Although your idea it's nice and it was suggested by a lot of people before you, that game strategy doesn't help Kabam earning money. And before you complain to me, I'm a F2P.

    I admit that I wasted almost all my Energon to buy PBCs and/or Arena recharge, but resource management it's also an important part of P2P/P2W games for F2P players. My only advice would be that you just have to play the game at your own pace.

    Finally, I'm willing to say that once you get a 3 and 4-Stars you'll be grateful to have that much gold.
  • HydroclawHydroclaw Posts: 66
    As you get higher tier bots to the high ranks it requires more and more gold. Gold will probably become your bottleneck other than Alpha and T3 sparks. You can hold an unlimited amount of gold and it doesn't expire unlike ore. One day you will be happy you have that gold.
  • sajal81294sajal81294 Posts: 2
    May be u guys are right. I still don't have any 3* or 4* bot. Let's see. I will always stay f2p atleast till i don't start earning. Will start saving gold now. Thanks for the reply. :-)
  • SepSep Posts: 22
    If the game develops like MCOC, as you start levelling 4 stars gold will become the bottleneck and you'll be swimming in ore. It will be months before we turn that corner though.
  • HydroclawHydroclaw Posts: 66
    Not months, gold has been my bottleneck for a while now. I have to sell ore to keep it from expiring. I am a beta player though.
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