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Raids and base layouts.

Does the raid system need a bit of love? We've had the 7 bot (2 lanes with 3 choke-points) layout since the game started. We also rarely see new mods, to freshen up the experience.

Raids seem to be ridiculously easy, so that base defense isn't seen as a feasible goal. We just trade blows and chips over and over again, almost never coming up against bases we can't beat.

I wonder if some thought can be put into existing mods, new mods, and some alternative lane setups, perhaps with different patterns and numbers of bots.

Things could even get creative. e.g. Only let the attacker choose their bot match-up 2-3 times in a raid. For the other fights, their attacking bot is chosen randomly from their group of 3. An example might be that the attacker can choose their fighting bot for the choke-points, but the computer decides a random bot from the attacker's team for the outside path fights.

The raid system seems more like a resource grind, than any kind of ranking mechanism. Most people admit that they just place bots for gold generation, as no one believes that they can reasonably defend their base and chips.

Is it worth an overhaul, or just leave it as a resource grind alternative?

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