How do you guys like Soundwave?

Soundwave is definitely one of my top faves from TF franchise so I was excited to get him. How are you guys liking his playstyle/moves?

I find him to be a bit too reliant on using Heavy Attack as it seems to be his only way of gaining power outside of being hit. I also find myself using S1 over S2/S3 as the power drain seems useful in counteracting the enemy from gaining more power than you since nothing generates power except the HA buff.



  • Omega_benOmega_ben Posts: 78
    He took a bit of getting use to for me like Grindor with his normal Attacks and still not entirely sure how to get his 3rd ability but I can kinda understand his heavy to get power since he uses his cassette bots all the time so I can see the reason to make his mini cons essential to his play style
  • MaxBebopMaxBebop Posts: 481
    He's real fun to play, basically be sure to make contact with your heavy attack at the start, power gain is activated until you use it or two bars filI up, I wait till two bars if I can, but once you use it power gain begins again automatically until you use or it fills all three bars, pop your ultra enjoy animation and repeat step one.
    Same as he always is...5 cassettes that pop out obviously. How is he? Like you know him personally. Lmfao. Terminology f up.
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