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A quick thing for the community

FulMetalGrimlokFulMetalGrimlok Posts: 106
edited October 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
I am an avid player despite not doing much in these forums until lately. I have been playing pretty much from the beginning. I have watched this game improve and the community grow a lot. I have a lot of issues with this game just like a lot of people here. This game is flawed. Everybody knows. Don't take it out on Kabam Miike or Kabam Kavs. They don't have much control over what gets implemented into the game. If you spend all your energon on Featured crystals and get a bunch of 2 stars, too bad. Don't take it out on these guys. They have to make money some how. Be glad it's free to play. You're not paying to actually play this game like a AAA big name console title. It's a frickin mobile game. The **** I see getting said to the Admins is just ridiculous. They really do listen to us. How do you think Bot Chips became a thing? Somebody suggested a currency specifically for featured bots and then Chips became a thing. And they continuously improve the chip system because the DO listen to us. It's not fair that entire tags like **** #HateKabam exist despite the effort they put into the game. I know I've criticized Kabam but I've tried to be as constructive as possible (despite one of my early discussions being Stupid rarity) It's just not right. Come on guys. Be better than this Don't be total jerks to the admins
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