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M.v.M looking for members.

Phoenix8318Phoenix8318 Posts: 113
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A few of our old timers decided to retire from the game, so we are looking to fill out the missing spots. Friendly alliance that values teamwork and a good attitude.

We need solid AM players that can handle difficulties around level 30 on Map 3. Line App is required for communication. No requirements to participate in other AEs such as Raid events etc.

You can find me in game or on Line, same ID as here. Or look up the alliance in game and give a shout to me or any of the officers.


  • Still have one open spot to be filled. Line is required for all new members.
  • Phoenix8318Phoenix8318 Posts: 113
    Back in a situation where we need to fill out the alliance, people are dropping like flies, so right now we need to recruit a whole battle group, 6 spots to fill for AM around level 30. Some kind of merger might also be possible. We are a bunch of guys that played together for a long time and just want to have fun with it.

    Contact me on Line or in game, same ID. Line is preferable though.
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