Suggestions for rank up material

Hi kabam i know you already planning for future content but i would like to suggest some suggestions on rank up items.
1.mostly 90% of Player problem is alpha spark they could have many r3 3* but still struggling for if there could be a event who occur every 8 days give 25% of alpha spark it should be good.difficulty can be 3* prime mission last round as no every ppl coulb be able to complete it. monthly 3* event if it reward 1 alpha spark instead of 10% it should be good as no every ppl can be able to complete 4* event bcz its difficulty is to high for us.
3.make some ways neither easy nor much difficult to get alpha spark.
I hope you guys will think about it im raiding since one month but only able to get 1000 essence. Due to lack of time and work i did not raid full day and when i open my game my raid chips already gone so i hope you guys will think about it.
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