Golden Week

Okay, but to some time reasons, Kabam decide to extend this Spotlight by One Additional Week to make new Spotlight doesn't start in same month previous one did (Both November)
The question arises what will we do during this week.
Therefore, I came up an idea.
As this occasion rarely comes up, let's rain GOLD!
Gold Arena, Every day.
10 Gold Crystals available every day of that day.
+20% Gold Generation boost for 7 days.
Maybe a Sort of Daily Golden Mission.
+ 2x AM rewards.

Golden Week 25 votes

Yeah!, We need GOLD!
Joker69GochaBRODrShotgunCharleshot25ParadoxFurySparkShredderserdoodToughStarscrems_ruleqBlack_ThoughtJazz444Utimate_mt1Issy543SlayerCeltScarredArachnid333SoundwaveGOA125OptimalOptimus_MV1Sycko5Vanjie 20 votes
Nah! The week is perfect for a break for real life
KillMasterCMr_WonderfulUrAverageMalaka 3 votes
LockDown said : I DONT CARE!
BaRdYaAmNHijacker2531 2 votes


  • Nah! The week is perfect for a break for real life
    It better be a gauntlet, if we’re getting an extra week. By that point I’m done and only logging in for the daily achievements
  • Jazz444Jazz444 Posts: 1,621
    Yeah!, We need GOLD!
    I could use extra gold but I won’t stress myself out and enjoy my family
  • Yeah!, We need GOLD!
    Or another Shark week. That could work
  • I want golden version of bots from the golden lagoon.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 1,567
    Yeah!, We need GOLD!
    Thurrs GOLD in them thurr bots!!!
  • Jazz444Jazz444 Posts: 1,621
    Yeah!, We need GOLD!
    As Buggs Bunny said on a Lonney Tunes Cartoon
    There’s Gold in them there hills !
    Lol so funny to watch
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