Legacy of the Beast (LotB) is now recruiting!

Legacy of the Beast is a top 100-120 alliance who strives to keep growing during our current restructure.

We do daily Alliance Missions on Map 3, Difficulty 16 and higher. Alliance Mission participation is mandatory.
We always complete all milestones on Alliance objectives (raid ascent, arena wins, etc..)

We are looking for active players who communicate and are friendly. We do have a Discord server, joining it is encouraged but not mandatory. Communication is key.

Total bot rating does not matter, just as long as you have a squad of bots 3000 power each or higher to participate in Alliance Missions.

If you are interested in joining, please send me a message on here with your in-game name, or simply look up Legacy of the Beast on the Alliance tab and send a request to join. You may also send me a message in-game, my user name is Xe0nSn1per

Thank you, we look forward to your arrival!

- Xe0nSn1per
- Leader, Legacy of the Beast.
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