AllSpark [spk] Alliance in need of restructure

We are an eager to grow alliance with high demand for overly active players. Slack app for chat is mandatory, and we do carry donation requirements. Alliance Missions are a must! All of our constraints make it a better alliance overall, and doesnt put too much stress on one individual. Please, if you are serious, join AllSpark [spk] and help us to progress.
Message DarkPrime227 or Denuchi for more info/request.


  • DenuchiDenuchi Posts: 3
    Also, to note, Our leaders are very strong contestants on Marvels Contest of Champions, and will progress to be an equally formidable alliance given serious inquiries for alliance memberships come through. Again message DarkPrime227 or Denuchi for invitation...
  • DenuchiDenuchi Posts: 3
    Fyi, Alliance has bee set to open, currently. please join while you have the chance. If not interested in using Slack, please dont join.
  • Hey there Denuchi! We currently have a thread up for Alliance recruitment here. Since we already have a thread open on this topic, I'll close this one down. If you have additional questions, you're welcome to ask over on the thread linked above! Thanks!
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