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New Genesis [NwGen] is in need of 2 Active Players to fill the ranks for Alliance Missions


We have 2 open spots in need of being filled by active players who enjoy playing Alliance Missions as a group effort.

We are playing Map 3 - level 22 currently, and have been within the top 100 ranked for several months.
Minimum of Level 50+ players with at least 3x 4* bots at Rank 4, even better if you have them at Rank 5 to use in AMs.

If you don't quite have strong enough bots but are ready to put in the effort to grind and get stronger, we are willing to help you grow and help you rank up if you are eager to participate in the AMs.

We use Discord to chat and coordinate the AMs, so you will be required to use that after joining the alliance.
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