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Introducing: The Tier 4 Knight Crystal and a Special Knight Crystal Raid Week


You’ve asked for it, and it’s almost here! Introducing the Tier 4 Knight Crystal!

The Tier 4 Knight Crystal is a brand new addition to the family of Knight Crystals and contains some of the most valuable rewards in the game! This isn’t just a small step up from the Tier 3 Crystal, but a big leap above!

The T4 Knight Crystal contains:

T3 Class Sparks
4-Star Bots
4-Star Mods
5-Star Bot Crystal Shards

With rarer chances at:
5-Star Bots
Tier 4 Basic Sparks
Tier 3 Alpha Spark Essence

Additionally, we’re introducing a new T3 Knight Crystal v2.0 where we’ve reduced the chance to pull a T1 Alpha Spark, and increased the chance to obtain a T3 Basic Spark, 4-Star Shards, and 3-Star Mods. We’ve also added a chance to pull a T2 Alpha Spark!

These are brand new crystals, so any old T3 Knight Crystals you have in your inventory will not be updated to these new Prize Pools.

How do we get these Crystals?

To celebrate the addition of the T4 Knight Crystal, we’re bringing back Knight Crystal Shards!

Starting on November 29th, for one week only, you can win Knight Crystal shards from Raiding and a Special 7 Day Alliance Event.

You can use these Shards to purchase any level of Crystal you would like, but if you really want to go for the gold, you’ll want to save 50,000 of them for a T4 Knight Crystal. There is a limit of 3 that you can purchase, and a limit of 5 for T3 Knight Crystals, so plan ahead!

Any unused Shards at the end of the event will be turned into T2 Knight Crystals (at the proper cost per Crystal).

Are they only around for this Event?

After the end of the event, the T4 Knight Crystal will join the other Knight Crystals and will be on rotation in the Raid Store for 110,000 Raid Chips, purchasable once every time they come around.

Who’s the next month’s Bot?

We’re still working on a really obscure hint… Don’t underestimate it, this will be our hardest one yet. Maybe something about a tomato? Not sure yet.
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