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Please why we won't get anything in December??

@Kabam Miike @Kabam Custos @Kabam Spice seriously? I mean, getting G1 Jetfire is cool and all, but... there's nothing new there. It's been almost an year we don't get Act 4. I would like longtime players from MCOC to tell me what is the usual gap time between the release of the final Chapter of an Act to the first of the next Act, also regarding Act 3 needs an update with a comic cutscene like the others.

The T4 Knight Crystal has incredibly bad drop rates to be honest and all this effort in grinding Raids was frustrating like grinding *nerfed* Featured Chip rewards. AM still wasn't updated and not only the Map but also the rewards are obsolete. Getting Sparks in this game is getting impossible. We keep getting this damn crash penalty and it's unfair, the number of players suffering from crashing is much larger than the number of players trying to exploit the game.

The upgrade for December's log-in calendar was awesome and I believe everybody really appreciates, but we need something new otherwise the game will die next year. At least a Challenge Mission at the end of this year? Another Bot aside of Jetfire? Btw, we need 2 Bots per month again... 1 per month is getting boring.

And I'm already guessing the Bumblebee Holiday Event: for a week only, you will be able to purchase a HIVE CRYSTAL for 150 Energon (and a 3*-5* Crystal as well for 300 Energon). Unless ther is a Bumblebee Movie Challenge to get the hype up.

Please, I know you guys don't like when we mention MCOC, but we're making these comparissions to prove how this game could be better.

Please, also don't close this thread for ranting, etc. Everybody is feeling the effect of the lack of updates in the game, apparently except you.


  • Who said we wont get new stuff this month? If we don't i wouldn't be surprised
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,157
    In their defense, we are all getting a full t3 and a 4* Wheeljack at the end of the month just because.
  • DrShotgun wrote: »
    In their defense, we are all getting a full t3 and a 4* Wheeljack at the end of the month just because.
    Yeah but thats just for december.

    Anyways I do agree that we need more for Christmas. It will most likely be announced tomorrow along with jetfire

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