Unnecessarily complicated

Just an open question.
Do we really need super intricate statistics and percentages in game?

I get this is made by Americans/Canadians/Whatever, and NA just loves it's stats, but one of the things i find needlessly complicated is the F2F numerical system.

0.5%, 0.5sec, 3.33... didn't we grow up with simple tech specs of 1-10, and at most a half-point differentiator if necessary?

Mods harp on about how family friendly the game and forums are (belch), so why complicate what was already a simple tiered system?

G1 Prime
Strength 10
Intelligence 10
Speed 7
Endurance 10
Courage 10
Firepower 9
Skill 10

There. Easy. Now make up synergies, abilities, SPs, etc all based on that.
That way, say G1 Prime has 10 Skill and Courage, he could benefit ANY group. But he isn't fast, so pick a speedster for balance alongside him. And another bot to up the firepower rating.

Simple strategy, just like picking a sports lineup. Not everyone has to be a star. We need the water carriers and metronomes, too.

Just my 2¢

Unnecessarily complicated 22 votes

No, we love staring at bot statistics
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Yes, intelligent design is simple
Faithz17Down_UnderParadoxFuryBlackRazak 4 votes


  • No, we love staring at bot statistics
    I love statistics, it overcomplicates things and one overanalyzes the matchups. :D
  • KennyKenny Posts: 309
    No, we love staring at bot statistics
    Different platform-> Different goals-> Different statistics method needed
  • ÆnigmaÆnigma Posts: 295
    Keep it up and they'll switch over to what they did in MCOC
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,497
    No, we love staring at bot statistics
    I find the current system fine and would appreciate even more info. I like looking at bots abilities and the stats and then trying to theory craft.
  • KittenKitten Posts: 1,091
  • No, we love staring at bot statistics
    I know how to work out the percentages for damaging debuffs, so if you have a problem grab a calculator
  • No, we love staring at bot statistics
    Im an analyst by trade so numbers is my game. I want everything you can give me, down to the frame.
  • No, we love staring at bot statistics
    BlackRazak wrote: »
    But think of those poor kids!
    Kabam needs to either have a version of TFTF for kids or an on/off switch to toggle the statistics. :)

    Baseball has the most confusing stats. :D
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