The timer during raids must pause during load screens! Seeing 20+ second load screens!

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So I have lost yet another raid, not due to any equipment or errors on my end, but due to excessive loading times on the Kabam servers. Firstly, it should not say I lost a raid when the time runs out. I loose a raid when all my bots are KO'd! It is not loosing a raid when you run out of time. You can call it a failed raid attempt, but it should NEVER be called a loss!

Secondly the timer must pause during load screens. Why are the load screens, that have nothing to do with my playing the game, counting toward the total time of my raid? When the load screens are excessive, as they have been tonight and a few other occasions, I am literally being cheated of completion and victory.

Please address these issues IMMEDIATELY! You know they are a problem, I am sure I am not the first to mention them. No more excuses! Stop cheating players by forcing them to loose because your servers will not load their matches quickly enough. My solution is the best and simplest to implement.

Thank you!


  • This is an issue on my tablet which is using a Mediatek processor.

    Not likely an issue on my phone using a SD450.

    I attribute it to processor of the device, but issue does need addressing.
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    Someone posted not too long ago that they lost a raid even after beating the last bot because of the timer. It’s because the timer ran out during the victory scenes. That’s pretty messed up.
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    How about 25-30 min raid timers? @Kabam Miike
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    The irony here is... Raid timers were extended to 20 minutes for this exact reason
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    xJamesss wrote: »
    Best is when you crash and you go to raid again and Unknown error occurs and you restart and error again and then you throw your phone into the wall

    Instead of throwing your phone , uninstall the app XD
  • Just played RAID on Moto G6, about 10 minutes to complete. The processor of your device is one factor. If your device takes longer than 20 minutes to complete, then one should look to upgrade.

    I get the suggestion to pause the timer during load screen. I would not be able to finish RAID on my tablet using a MediaTek processor; owing to the time to load.
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    OK, these 1-2 minute delays during load screens, which only happen on some raids, have to stop. NOW!

    If you are not going to fix the timer as I suggested, then you at least ABSOLUTELY MUST freeze the timer for the final fight! If a player has made their way to the final fight THEY MUST BE ABLE TO COMPLETE THE RAID!!! There is no excuse for your piss-poor design!

    Also I dropped from a 742 ranking to 724 because I failed a revenge. Except I did not fail. Except I reached the final position. The fight started and ended right after because the timer ran out. Not only do you say I lost the raid, when I would not have but for your STUPID, UNINTELLIGENT design, you also penalize me for what you call my failure! THIS IS UNFORGIVABLE!

    I have seen evidence time and again of terrible game design and a complete disregard for basic game design rules that EVERYONE in the industry knows about! YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES! None!

    If I don't see these issues I have brought up addressed by the end of the month, NOT ONLY am I detailing all the flaws of this game at Google Play, I will create a video at YouTube detailing them. I will share the info wherever I can. I have been wronged tonight, and this is not the first or even second time. I demand satisfaction!

    I hope the dev team visits this forum and actually reads what people are reporting. I hope you have at least figured that out!
  • It is likely the OP has a slower device; he/she never mentioned the device make/model/specifications. I find it funny when someone makes all sorts of "threats" via a rant.

    I got to the last opponent on my tablet (1.5GB RAM) with Mediatek processor and time ran out. On my Moto G6 (4GB RAM) with SD450, I can finish a raid in about 10 minutes.
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    It is not my device. Read what I posted carefully. I just did a raid tonight, and the load screens were half the time of what I experienced yesterday. And I was cheated again, but recovered. I was sitting there, tapping Hot Rod's special over and over, all over the area, and it never activated! My opponent was not doing a special, and was able to KO me because it interrupted my rhythm and caused me to screw up. I was able to get back in with another bot and wipe him out. AND I was able to complete the raid with a minute to spare!

    This is my phone:

    Yes, its a slow POS, but the delays are not from the phone, or else every raid would have the same long delay. As I stated, it only happens during certain raids. I may be getting some delay from the phone, but not enough to make it impossible for me to complete a raid. The only time I can not complete a raid is when it is slow on their end.

    Other than some stuttering during fights, I have noticed no real difference in loading times between this phone and my previous one, which was a lot more powerful. I have a right to be pissed off and rant as I did. It is their design and what they decided the rules are that have caused me to be shortchanged. This issue is on their end, not on mine. It has nothing to do with my phone's age or power, or my skill level.

    Look me up in the game and check my stats to see for yourself. And I just started a few weeks ago!

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    Its look like your device can't handle this game
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    SD210 is a quad core entry level processor. 1.5GB RAM is anemic. One minute to spare is not much when done with raid.

    My last device had a SD820, but was neither Android or iOS, so can't run TFTF. A device of 1.5GB RAM, you should expect about only 40-50% to be available for your application. TFTF has a footprint of at least 600MB in storage. My current device is a Moto G6 with SD450 (octa core) and 4GB RAM compared to my tablet with Mediatek processor (quad core) and 1.5GB RAM; there is a difference, loading screen can be a minute or two on tablet, but approximately 15 seconds on Moto G6. Sometime I prefer my tablet more even though it is significantly slower because it just works, but I would not use the tablet for raid.

    Processor and RAM on device are only two factors. Other factors are communication and server. Loading time is going to vary between devices. You have at least two bottlenecks. Whether you accept this fact or not, it's up to you.
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    I can handle the bottleneck between my phone and the game. I don't mind the loading screens if what is happening is the game is putting stuff into RAM or taking it off of my RAM. I will upgrade my phone when I am able.

    However communication and server - anything Kabam is doing (or not doing) that exacerbates the issue - that I can not handle. They either need to fix things on their end or adjust the timer. I suggest adjusting the timer. If it freezes during load screens or, at the very least, during the final fight, then that costs Kabam nothing and it fixes the issue.

    Both these suggetions are perfectly fair and reasonable.
  • Also just over a week ago I was able to get multiple raids at my desired level, and I was in and out of them, no issue, no long loading times. Then just a few nights ago I started a raid and it took OVER TWO MINUTES between fights! I know because my screen is timed to turn off at 2 minutes, and my screen started going dark, AS THE NEXT FIGHT LOADED. Then the game crashed or something, because it never loaded the final fight. I would've "lost" anyway as I ran out of time.

    So the issue is NOT my phone. I am sure my phone is not helping the issue any. But the issue is on Kabam's end, because if it was my phone, ALL LOADING BETWEEN FIGHTS would be delayed. However this is not the case.
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    Sorry to say, hate to say it; in denial. Yes sometimes it is the server, but you still have 1.5GB RAM. 🤣
    Or was it 1GB, but he just won't listen.
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    Jesus Christ man. It's your device that's the problem. The issue here is not only the ram, but the cpu. That's hardly entry level cpu.

    You need to understand how the things works. It's not only network related. The loading between the fight is where the game loads the needed game files - bot textures, map textures and so much more. For instance on the very same place and on the same wifi network, my old device loads everything in 20 seconds (SD650, 3GB ram), my new device does it in 5 seconds (SD845, 6GB ram).

    So either you get new device or you have to get used to what's happening, because the game is demanding and your device is simply made to be a phone, not gaming station. I can't believe that the game actually starts on this phone to be fair.
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    I get some lag, but I understand that is a limitation of my device.

    The fact remains that some in-between loading in raids takes longer than others, and that means it can not be my device, as the in-between loading would consistently be some set amount of time.

    Now maybe my device is causing consistent loading times of 30 seconds to 1 minute. Fine. I could still beat the raid timer.

    But something on their end adds an addition 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on various factors that cause a slower delivery of data to my phone.

    Case in point... I just attempted a raid on on opponent (and failed) who was right around 6,000 in defense. I smacked up against their jacked-up Ironhide with a Nightbird's Mark mod. Lost - completely my fault. Loading times where FAST between fights, between 10-30 seconds.

    So my device, while not ideal, is able to handle the minimum requirements of the game in all aspects. You can tell me all you want that my processor is slow or I don't have enough RAM. The proof's in the pudding, I am playing the game just fine, only dealing with some lag and loading screens between fights.

    Of course if you want to donate your old phone with a better processor and 3+ gigs of RAM, as long as I can run it on Verizon I will gladly accept it. That'll be the end (according to you) of my issues with "failing" raids due to the timer running out. Be interesting to test in any case.

    Also doesn't negate the fact that the raid timer should only be running during actual play time, not during loading screens. That's just basic proper game design.
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    @DreamBliss you have no idea what you're talking about. The difference between 10 seconds and 2 minutes loading times CAN BE caused by you devices. There are processes called "background process", which takes ram and cpu time.

    Everything that have somekind of synchronization on your device can get you up to 5 minutes of waiting time. And since we are on this thread, mate you really should consider upgrading your device. You are complaining of not being able to defeat a 6 thousand pi base, what will happen in 2 months, when you're against 20 000? What will happen in 6 months when you're against 40 000?

    Your device has its limitations and here, for once its not fault of the game. Most of the resources are already cached on your device. The problem here is that your device struggles to load them, because of the lack of resources (cpu/ram). So you better upgrade your device or get used to this. That's it. You can't expect to play top notch game on 5 years old PC with integrated video card.

    Edit: And no, I'm not the "Red cross" to donate my device. I'm simply pointing you on directions how you can fix your frustration. And this is the last time I reply to you. It's one thing, being homeless and begging for help. It's completely different story to beg for device to be able to play a game. Damn, that was really hard to read and reply.
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    Programmers know code. Engineering minded people (like myself) know devices. Hell I replaced the screen on an iPhone once!

    I have been using computers since 1999. So roughly 2 decades. And when I state something about a device, it is based on my own personal experience and observations. And I have an older computer, that I built over 6 years ago, that still kicks arse today.

    So your coders know code, and I know hardware. If my phone is taking up to 5 minutes to load something from its cache, then it will always take the same amount of time to load the same things from its cache. It isn't going to be 5 minutes one day and 10 seconds the next. How many times do I have to point this out?

    And entitlement? Yes. I am entitled to enjoying the games I play, especially the games I have put some money into. "Failing" raids because a timer ran out is not enjoyable.

    Also help? How exactly? By telling me my phone can't run the game, when it obviously can, has and still is? What kind of "help" is that? I already knew my device wasn't the best for this game, and I am just as surprised as you that it runs it so well. Captain Obvious called and he wants his words back!

    There is a lot of hostility here in the background of this thread rearing its ugly head. Unasked for, unearned and quite simply, unmerited. They have a word for those who attack others on the internet without just cause... TROLL.

    So listen to the words of your mamma, "If you can't say something nice, shut the f up!"

    Don't make me pull out my trollhunting sword!
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    OK, so I thought about what I just said, and another timer ran out before I could edit it. You guys (Kabam) and your timers!

    Anyhow requesting a mod to close/lock/delete this thread as they prefer. It really isn't going anywhere and, honestly, it's not edifying. I should have approached this differently.

    But I was so angry when I started this thread. I got so angry at this game that I actually broke my previous phone, which is why I am stuck using this even crappier phone.

    I don't blame anyone. I am going through a lot of things right now and having a tough time. Only playing this game because I was invited and those who invited me wanted me to join their Alliance and do some missions when I was strong enough. And these raids are part of the daily objectives, part of leveling up.

    I am sure my observations here about the loading times, as well as my suggestions, are correct and valid. I will leave it at that for now.

    For any that agreed with me or supported me, thank you. I truly appreciate it. For those who feel I owe them an apology, I apologize. I am truly sorry.

    Ready for close/lock/delete. I am done here.
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