Raid Frequency

I know you want to sell raid shields and all, but raid Frequency needs to be capped. I just got raided for the 5th time in less and an hour. In the time since I used my 3 raids, I have been raided 8 times. This is a broken system. Each time you are raided you should get at least an hour reprieve from being raided again. Or it should be hard capped at 3 raids per 3 hours.

Trying to monetize the game through annoying the hell out of your players isn't a good strategy. God knows it makes me like the game a heck of a lot less.


  • SerapthSerapth Posts: 157
    edited May 2017
    Now up to 15 raids on the day and counting. Seriously this needs to be looked at, it's implemented horribly. 26 times in 24 hours, literally more than I could even fight with 3 raids per 3 hours, and that's assuming I don't sleep.
  • I'll say it again the player pool is not big enough, Kabam knows this that's why other rewards have been cut back. However raids have not been adjusted.
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