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How do I get my chat to work

I can’t even chat with my friends or alliance


  • GtronGtron Posts: 117
    Goob luck getting help from tech support. You’ll definitely won’t get help here, only silencing. Game chat needs a lot of work. Most Alliances will use another App for chats. Line App is pretty popular & is free to download & use.
  • 2Lock2Lock Posts: 37
    edited September 2019
    Yes, please do something with it, yesterday I couldn't even say hello to my Commanders! This is unacceptable!!! I raid your base if you dont fix it ;)
    Sony H8216, android 9, vodafone, wifi or cellular doesnt matter. Restart doesnt help
  • A13X2017A13X2017 Posts: 50
    edited September 2019
    Write and send . and your chat appear magically.
  • 2Lock2Lock Posts: 37
    A13X2017 wrote: »
    Write and send . and your chat appear magically.

    addressed to me?

    Because I know how to write, very kind
  • Just reset the game, it fixes most glitches.
  • Please reach out to our Support team about this rather than digging up a thread from months ago. We can't really assist with Chat issues here but our team there can look into it. You can contact them by going HERE.
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