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Is the game actually about to die?



  • GtronGtron Posts: 117
    @KillMasterC if it’s a lie then yes I’m happy!! I’ve got no problems calling Kabam out, there’s no need to make up lies to scare people.
  • RIP forged to fight 2019, you wont be missed!
  • Username619272981Username619272981 Posts: 138
    edited January 2019
    I played the game for 1.5 years and at one point belong to a top 10 alliance.
    Mobile game life cycle is 2.5 years.
    Public info.


    I believe the game is in maintenance mode.

    Other matter:

    Majority of Kabam is sold to Netmarble, Netmarble is currently kicking off 3 MMO mobile games targeted at Asia audiences. There goes our money :)

    Remaining Kabam assets is now a new company called Aftershock acquired by Foxnet, they are pushing Marvel contents.

    Mod triggering comment, pending possible ban

    Kabam's last title is FTF - 2016
    The Kabam we knew is gone, they cashed out.

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