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Bee crystals removed before we get rank rewards

We get rank rewards from arena 2 hours after the goldwheel and good as gold crystals are removed from the store. This means there’ll be people who get 5k, 3k etc bee shards that they can’t use.


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    Those crystals will not go away if you still have shards
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,485
    I believe the concern is the count down timer and the chance you may not be able to purchase anymore crystals with shards after it expires.
  • HrockHrock Posts: 132
    The ability to buy crystal with shards seems to expire before today's arena payout tomorrow
  • Yes, this is very dumb.
  • GtronGtron Posts: 117
    Mine has over 7 days left
  • Looks like this problem has been fixed, there’s an additional 7 days till the bee crystals are removed from the store.
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,812
    Yippee, bet there are more 3* Hounds in store for me!
    Love my RNG
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