Bad proportions in the odds of bots

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I have been very patient with the bots that have taken us out for the turns of the crystals ... but it is very absurd that almost 23 bots of 2 stars among them repeated give them at a level of commander 40 which is very absurd and serious favorable that this percentage be modified for those who are below level 40

(Commander level 40+):
Possibility of obtaining 3 stars bot: 55%

Possibility of obtaining 4 stars bot: 28%

Possibility of obtaining a 5-star bot: 17% 🔜

🔜=When the player climbs to level 40 in advance I change the probability of winning a 5-star bot

Total: 100%

(Commander of level 11-40):
Possibility of obtaining a 2-star bot: 58% ⬇

Possibility of obtaining a 3-star bot: 29% ⬆

Possibility of obtaining a 4 star bot: 13%⬆

⬆ = Lower every 3% when the player increases the level
⬇ = Go up every 2.5% to 4% when the level player goes up

Total: 100%

I'm telling you this because many people want their favorite or not so favorite bots in their collections but with these odds many are going to spend money in a very bad way


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    BlackRazak wrote: »
    I think those odds are a wee bit optimistic.
    You'd fill up your roster in 1+ month of Double Crystal arenas!

    Not exactly since you almost always give the shot when you really want a bot that you do not have and the vivid example was with the bumblebe both the g1 and the movie
  • It's fine the way it is, you know the saying, if it ain't broken, don't fix it.

    Those odds would make it too easy. Didn't think we were playing Pokemon where there is a goal to collect all bots. The game is Forged to Fight.

    I will say, I am getting tired of the Premium Bot Coals throwing 2* and 3*. I started to keep track to see if 1 of 100 will be a 4*.
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    Keep forging those 2* , get 3*.
    Forge those 3* , get 4*.
    Forge them 4* , get 5* eventually. Repeat.
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