I wanted to get this addressed for my (former) fellow guests...

So, I joined the forums late, despite the fact that I have been hanging around even before I had started playing. The reason is...

Whenever I try to just register using the forums, it says “Tell is why you want to join!” when I try to type in my username, with zero space for me to type anything else.

I sent a support ticket about this, where Kabam responded with the fact that I have to register in-game. That was alright, though I guess that meant the Register button was useless.

BUT, when I try to log in on my iPad Air, it says “Error 5000” (I believe), and that there was an error and I am unable to access the forums.

Only when I did this on a phone was I able to join the forums.

I will be sending a support ticket with this message, but I just wanted to make sure the guests know I am trying to help them. If they are going through the same pain as I was... they need this problem resolved FAST.
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