For Hasbro: What FTF resurrected in me...

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So, I joined FTF after leaving MCOC. I liked Transformers as a kid, but preferred G.I. Joe and Star Wars. I came to this game for 2 main reasons: Kabam and the Forging Mechanism. The fact that it was a Transformers game was a pleasant surprise, though I never liked the Micheal Bay movies.

Since joining I have:
1. Watched The Prime Wars Trilogy
2. Bought the IDW Trade Paperbacks for Transformers
3. Bought my 4 year old son at least 10 1-step Transformers.
4. Bought him both Cyberverse Ultimate Prime and Megatron
5. Bought him 5 official Transformers Shirts
6. Bought myself several Transformers Tees
7. Watched several voice actor panels at Comic Cons related to Transformers
8. Watched Cyberverse Cartoon with my son (and DVR’d it)
9. Watched Bumblebee Movie
10. Downloaded the 1986 Film on Amazon Prime

I never would have returned to Transformers had it not been for Kabam and this game.

I’m sure there are other stories, much like my own.

Hasbro and Kabam please continue support this game. I suspect as others continue to look beyond MCOC, they will find their way here. As Transformers continues to move away from the Bay Films there will be more organic growth. And the unmeasurable is the sales of toys, movie tickets, other merchandise, and ratings bumps as a result of this small but dedicated population.

@Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious

(Sorry for all the tags lately)

If you care about this game, and have something to contribute, please post your story. Let’s make this our unofficial plea to Hasbro and Kabam.


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    I would seek a way of contact Hasbro rather than putting it here where they wont see it
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    DaveJL wrote: »
    I would seek a way of contact Hasbro rather than putting it here where they wont see it

    Unless Kabam pass it along for us, I’m sure they can get it to the right people!
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    Amazing post @BlackRazak

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks @serdood !
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    BlackRazak wrote: »
    @Vavatron, forgot i bought a 2017 Audi Q7, in grey, which my boys call Motormaster.

    And we've ordered a 2019 Audi A7 in Maroon, with an asymmetrical GOLD STRIPE running from the front to the rear.
    Guess who he's called.

    (Can't afford the white Lamborghini, Grey Ferrari or Yellow Formula car, though!)

    Dead End! Amazing @BlackRazak !

    I drive a black Escolade... Stockade maybe?
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    Well said Vavatron 😢
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    After Transformers Prime ended, and The Last Knight debuted, he had stopped worshiping Transformers, it was just a series that only liked the movies. Since I started playing FTF I've been a big fan of Transformers:

    1-Watch Combiner Wars

    2-More Transformers Toys

    3-I knew many more bots

    4-I delved into the history of the Quintessons and the brothers, Unicron and Primus.

    5-I have read some hqs. of Transformers.

    6-I have made friends who like Transformers.

    Even if FTF ends forever, it will be a part of me and will always be in my heart.
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    This is the best Transformers game I've ever played (after played pretty every one of them) and I doubt it will be dethroned soon in terms of a playability. But it was killed due to serious problems in marketing, business strategy, revenue model and support.
  • Nice to see everyone showing their support for the game. But sad to see that none of the admins even bothered to reply.
  • The best I ever saw this game being marketed was when I saw Optimus Prime's face on a Google-Play Card rack with the game title. That's it. For a company like Hasbro, I'm surprised they don't advertise or promote this game much.

    I'm gonna add on to @BlackRazak 's previous post and suggest some other marketing ideas.

    1; Get IDW comics to make a Mini-Series based on the game. IDW, Hasbro, and Kabam profit.

    2: If that won't do, put advertisements in IDW's comic issues, promoting the game. There could even be a redeemable code that allows you to unlock in game items.

    3: Make Bot Spotlight trailers. Nothing hypes fans more than a trailer and it would be awesome if each individual character got one. Provide some iconic Transformers voice-actors to the voices for fan enjoyment.

    4: New Transformers disk sets (Bumblebee for Blu-Ray) come with scannable code that allows you to unlock a certain character. Hasbro and Kabam profit.

    5: Advertise Forged to Fight on MCOC. It's a big market over there, so why not try interest some players to join here.

    Also, one mistake Kabam made that would have made them more money was not making Megatronous exclusive. If he was exclusive, it would have raised his value, prompting players to go to high stakes to obtain him.
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    BlackRazak wrote: »
    I curse the powers be that WON'T/HAVEN'T cooperated on this game.

    Even my boys are puzzled as to why there are no Cyberverse toy ads when you click the 5 Energon button.

    Or Bumblebee movie ads.

    They're 7 and 8.

    You think non-P2P players have no impact on this game?
    I'd gladly shell out $20 to buy my kids the toys being advertised!

    That's fantastic providing it's a toy that can only be bought by players of the game so it can be traced back to this, and then some form of profit share that would be adequate would be agreed with Kabam.

    Veey long winded way of getting money back to them when there is a simple and conventional method available
  • Here is what Forged to Fight has shown/done to me this past year:

    1. Reinforced my love for Transformers.
    2. Gave me new knowledge of the members of both the Deception and Autobot factions.
    3. Put the Maximals and Predacons under a new spotlight.
    4. Put a few Transformers -- Sideswipe, Motormaster, Mirage, Bludgeon and Jetfire -- under a spotlight.
    5. Gave me some good laughs, and over a variety of nicknames to call a Human Commander.
    6. A small sense of unity among people.

    Gosh darn, this game is good.
  • It totally got me back into Tformers. My son loves them now!
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