TMA Recruiting

TMA is looking for players that are AM minded. Currently looking for anyone that can handled Map 3 difficulty 35/40. Please contact MerkaDerka on Line chat for any questions.


  • KoliKoli Posts: 22
    people, welcome to TFTF recruitment chat..

    This chat group is dedicated for recruiters in TFTF and alliance looking people to be here and meet their needs, meaning recruiters will get people for their ally and ally needy people will get their ally as per their choice..

    Please do add players(looking for ally) as well as recruiters (leaders or officers looking for players) in this chat as much as possible so that this group can significantly be used for recruiting only..we can use global chat in TFTF game to spread about this group and ask more people to join here if they need players or ally..

    Please keep in mind recruiting is the prime cause for this group rather only chatting..Thanks for reading..Happy TFTF Recruitment 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
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