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Next update?

SteelSHSteelSH Posts: 80
edited February 2017 in General Discussion
Hey just want to start this about the next update. We should talk about what everyone is hoping for in next update and ask questions.

Question to kabam about next update and future:
- When can we expect the next update to drop?
- Will we be getting any new playable bot between the next update and release?
- Will we get a active update log soon?
- When will we get alliance or solo missions?
- Will you get shards from duplicates of bots in the future?
- Will we see a Alliance quest like in MCOC?
- Will we get daily/monthly login rewards?
- Will you have featured bot crystals?
- Will masteries be added?(I hope not really cause i think the game runs great without masteries)
Ill stop there lol loving this game btw
Hope others adds to this as will
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